Life Insurance Jobs in Pittsburgh

If you have the drive to succeed, a passion for improving the lives of others, and are in search of a career that is both challenging and rewarding, then our life insurance jobs in Pittsburgh are the perfect fit for you. We are in search of courteous professionals that have a willingness to learn and grow with our team, and if achieving success as a life insurance agent sounds like the perfect opportunity, you will appreciate our lucrative commission package, highly supportive training, and friendly team members who are always willing to lend to hand. 


Unlike other life insurance jobs in Pittsburgh that throw you to the wolves, our team approach to life insurance involves ongoing training, a balanced work-life, and results in an increased likelihood of achieving greater success with our company. When you sell life insurance with Cardwell Life, we stand behind our life insurance agents with innovative sales education, better policies that truly support our community, and experienced team members that openly share their decades of in-the-field knowledge. By investing in our team first and foremost, we strive to create a more enjoyable work atmosphere, and by working as a cohesive unit, we can reach new heights together.

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Do You Want to Sell Life Insurance in the Pittsburgh Area?

If you have a personable attitude, want to become a better salesperson, or simply want to learn more about amazing life insurance plans we sell in Pittsburgh, our life insurance companies’ hiring team would love to discuss the details with you. Since our life insurance jobs fill an underserved niche within Pittsburgh, PA, it’s easy to sell life insurance with our team. 


We offer final expense life insurance, which, unlike costlier whole life or term life policies that most residents already have or cannot afford, we provide a unique window of opportunity for anyone that is hoping to build a financially rewarding career. With a better product at the foundation of our successful business model, it’s easier to make sales, retain customers, and overcome the common difficulties that limit traditional sales positions.

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Why Work at Cardwell Life?

We’re uplifting our clients in Pittsburgh, PA with every policy we sell. If you can envision yourself going home at the end of the day feeling fulfilled and proud because you helped others, then our life insurance companies’ hiring team will help you transform that vision into a financially lucrative reality. Along with the outstanding financial benefits you’ll experience with Cardwell Life, a life insurance job with us involves: 


  • Meet New People
  • Build Your Network
  • Positive Work Environment
  • Flexible Schedules

Become a Better Salesperson With Cardwell Life

All it takes to succeed is a willingness to learn, the ambition to improve, and the right opportunity to present itself. The best life insurance opportunity is knocking at your door; contact our knowledgeable team to learn more and join us on the road to success.

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