Final Expense Insurance in Virginia

As you may already be aware, the cost of funeral services can be astronomical. In the state of Virginia, the average funeral costs about $7,000 and comes with additional costs of $3,000 or more. Traditional life insurance policies usually provide some final expense money, but low-cost plans rarely provide enough to cover the entire cost of funeral services or cremation. If you want life insurance policies that will cover your entire funeral, you can expect it to come with high premiums that may be out of your price range. Luckily, there are final expense insurance plans that are specifically designed to cover funeral costs while also being convenient and affordable.

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We Can Give You The Best Life Insurance Policy in Virginia

Cardwell Life is one of the most trusted life insurance agencies serving Virginia residents. Our goal is to provide affordable final expense insurance plans and related services to help families cover funeral expenses and other final expense costs when they lose a loved one. The traditional life insurance policies offered by many other agencies tend to be costly and can be difficult for certain people to obtain. When compared to traditional life insurance that includes final expense provisions, dedicated final expense insurance plans have a number of advantages, including:


  • Lower premiums, thanks to lower death benefit amounts of $50,000 or less
  • No need for a medical exam
  • Anyone can qualify, regardless of their health status
  • All the same benefits of traditional whole life insurance

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That’s right; you may be able to qualify for final expense insurance with varying benefit amounts even if you’re suffering from health problems. Not only is there no medical exam involved, our company also makes it simple for you to apply.

Our Final Expense Insurance Agents Have Years Of Experience Helping Others With Insurance Plans in Virginia

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Cardwell Life employs some of the best agents in the industry who have the knowledge and experience to help you find the right final expense insurance for you and your budget. Other agencies don’t have the same dedication to providing affordable coverage as our company, so if you’re a Virginia resident in need of final expense coverage, we invite you to give us a call. If you have had difficulty obtaining a traditional whole life insurance policy with funeral cost provisions, our agents may be able to help you find a plan that fits into your budget.

If you’re an insurance professional in Virginia, we want to make you a part of our team! Get in touch with us about life insurance jobs in Virginia. Our company offers a sense of family that you won’t find at other agencies. If you want to be a part of one of the best teams in the area, call the Cardwell Group and ask about careers with us today.